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Family Law

Families of one kind or another are still the building blocks of our society and inevitably given the complexity of the human circumstance, Family Law covers a vast complex of laws affecting all of us.

We can assist you in the complex issues of divorce, financial provision, separation or family breakdown. Contact us to find out more about how we can help.

In Scots Law, for the court to grant Divorce there must be proof of “irretrievable breakdown of marriage” which can be established in one of several ways, with the most common being separation, either for one year with the consent of your spouse, or two years without consent. Where there are no children and no financial claims by either party, then divorce under a simplified procedure known as the quickie divorce can proceed.

However where children (aged below 16) are involved, or if there are financial claims on either side, then divorce cannot be granted without resolution of these issues. We can advise and assist you regarding these issues.

The breakdown of long-term relationships is, unfortunately, increasingly common and is particularly traumatic for those involved. At times of such crisis you want to   be able to turn to someone who understands the problems of your situation and who can provide you with sound practical advice. You will  need constructive and detailed advice, tailored to your particular circumstances. We will give you that advice and explain the different ways that are available to you to deal with your situation, and give you clear and positive explanations. We can discuss the range of alternative methods there are for resolving your issues, including negotiation, Mediation or ultimately Court action. We offer a sympathetic service and endeavour to lessen the scope of conflict with your ex–partner whilst ensuring that you get the settlement you are entitled to.

If you would like advice and assistance on any matter connected with Family Law, David Dewar can be  contacted by email or phone to assist you.